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When we are able to heal - we must. It´s  our responsibility.

Doing it also for the Collective.
Healing for those, who can´t.
A Crystal Clear Channel. 

Welcome Home.

A Portal for a like-minded Community for Healing in Light by MAATÏ MAATÏ

A home for healers, coaches, teachers, creatives, leaders, gurus, artists, angels, ascended masters, light workers, students of life - lightful conscious souls with a mission on this earth, a deeper connection, the ones who might have forgotten who we are. You are ready to take full responsibility and make a change on this planet, seing the bigger picture. Like-minded souls, who might need a reminder of our essence, that light, the source, who we truly are, what we are doing here and why we are needed right now. Fight for Light. Together. This is a powerful channel, an energetic field, a portal of light to source energy to give support for this earth. Being the Portal of Light.


A crystal clear channel. On eye level.

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Listening to Silence. Dancing to the rhythm of the soul. Surfing the waves of life. Feeling the heartbeat of the universe. The breath of god, goddess, the source. Support the transformative healing of this planet earth. For bringing Light into Darkness.

Leonie Lepenos


Special Support for Healers


Healing the Healer.

Sharing openly some info, most spiritual leaders are not talking about so far. Facing it all to heal. All the Darkness. Opening up. Breaking the Ice, making taboo topics in spirituality public. Transforming duality into unity right here on this earth through radical truth - to heal this planet. Healing together on eye level. On heart level. 

The Truth.
Fight for Light.

Your Team.
Ascended Mastering Your Life.

The world has awakened and more and more people become healers, coaches, yoga teachers or artists. When we awaken we often change our lives, our jobs, follow our purpose to make an impact in this world to support the transformation and healing of this world. We found our mission on this planet. It´s a new beginnig. For some years we fly high and are super happy - What comes next?

The Next Phase

(Or: The Part no one is talking about)

What happens after the lightful awakening is the dark night of the soul. Darkness. So dark, that you question everything and don´t want to live anymore. When having been awakened, having found (or created :)) heaven on earth it is extra hard to come to this point as everything will be confusing and you will feel the need to check out as you feel like you are done, you fulfilled your missions and everything seems to fall apart. And it does. Because you chose this path and now you get prepared for the next level - the real one - unity. I was going through exactly this. In the end my soul decided to stay here though. Why? Because especially us sensitive awakened conscious souls are needed now. I will share with you more deeply the details - but one part why I came back was this one here: the portal of light - creating the connection between the source we all want to go back to at a certain point - and this planet, the now, this earth, your home, your body. To support you through exactly this phase as more of us are needed on this earth for the world´s transformation right now. You are needed. As the world enters the dark night of the souI, too - we are here and needed here. Right Now. To support the transformation. Powerfully and radically. To fight for Light together.  Healing begins with facing the truth.

The Portal

Portrait Leonie.jpg

"Where can we be seen, healed, heard, understood? Something I was wishing for and missing after 10 years of being a spiritual leader and then going through my dark night of the soul. On my own. Something no one told me before. Something I want you to experience differently. I hold space for you. I see you. On eye level. No guru, just a friend. I hear you. I see you. On heart level. On eye level. With angels, masters, light beings and the elohim. In Light - to remember you of the light in you to shine upon others and help other souls with your experience - out of the darkest darkness into divine light. Dying to be reborn. Rebirth while stying physically alive. In this body. On this earth. Concrete. In light. I need you. We can´t do this alone."  -   Leonie Lepenos

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The MAATÏ MAATÏ Principle

Union of different spheres, worlds and masters.In light. A portal. MAATÏ MAATÏ Masters. The Inner Circle. Light Beings. Ascended Masters, Angels, Elohim. That Crew on the other side.And the Direct one. That Light. The source. Reconnect with your calling, your mission, your purpose -  to be. You. Me. We. One. Light.

MAATÏ MAATÏ Masters is a union to spread light together. Decide Yourself for the Direct Channel. The Portal. The Source. Directly. The Light. It´s intense. Pure. Real. Are you ready to Step into your full power? No excuses any longer. Become a Master. To spread the light we need for the transformation of the earth now.

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