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Intro into the Spiritual Ego

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

So here we go - another Spiritual New Age Magazine.

Really? I died. 2 times. Once on the body level with a near to death experience when I was 22 through that I awakend. And the second time after living through my dark night of the soul energetically. I died to be reborn - to live. to truly live - more than being alive like before. I am here. I came back. With a mission. And this is why I am starting this one here today.

The world has awakened and more and more people become healers, coaches, yoga teachers or artists. When we awaken we often change our lives, our jobs, follow our purpose to make an impact in this world to support the transformation and healing of this world. We found our mission on this planet.

The Next Phase

(Or: The Part no one is talking about) What happens after the lightful awakening is the dark night of the soul. Darkness. After Lightness. So dark, that you question everything and don´t want to live anymore. When having been awakened, having found (or created :)) heaven on earth it is extra hard to come to this point as everything will be taken away from you – your connection seem to be blocked – you don´t feel any joy anymore – no more sense in this life. The Detachment process is still on – not only in the outer world, but also spiritually. You know: You want to leave – you don´t want to live anymore. BUT: You also know: When you don´t finish your task here – you gotta come back anyhow, so even „checking out“ doesnt make sense. Which makes it worse. You feel powerless and you just got to sit in.

I wished at this point there would have been someone who understood me. I wished at this point someone would have been there for me – that´s why I am here for you now.

Telling you: It´s just a phase. An important phase. THE phase. It´s all worth it. Hold on. I see you. I feel you. I know you.

You gotta die to live.

I died 2 times. Physically when I was 22 – I awakened through a near to death experience. The second time I wanted to commit suicide – in the dark night of my soul – a spiritual crisis. In a deep meditation I died and visited god – for the first time ever I truly met him her it. And this changed everything.

I came back. With a message. And I am still here.

And so are you.

For a reason – even if you don´t know that one.

This is the preparation. I promise you: You WILL know.

For now all you need to know is: You are needed here, you are not alone in this and you are exactly where you have to be right now and right here. Sit in there - I am here for you. You will be free. Only when you stay.

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