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Not a loss. Angelic Download from "the other side"

Lots of Angels go back to heaven lately 💗 because of own decisions or after sickness (which in the end is of course also always the soul’s decision, no matter how old or young one is) - lots of children and babies leave us, too… sensitive pure honest souls.

Even though our ego might not understand this, what I channel a lot recently is the fact that these very brightful souls (often working in the light working field) prefer to support the world’s transformation from another position and can’t be in their full power right here on this earth as it’s getting intense. But they had to check in shortly to feel and understand this energy down here on this earth…. That’s it, that was their mission here to fulfill the bigger plan “somewhere else”. For me as an energy healer and medium for the first time I experience the situation that souls don’t want to heal, don’t want to stay, they want to leave - the decision was made already - in the beginnig that was hard for me to accept - I gave everything- I even offered my own life force energy to the limit until I got sick and the portal closed - my painful learning: we have to respect and accept this wish and soul’s decision. Yea, we can try to convince them to stay - but we can’t force it. God’s plan. The bigger picture. Trust it. It’s painful and challenging on this planet right now - especially for us light workers, energy healers,…the collective field is filled with pain, anger, grief, fears. That’s how it is before the transformation is finnished. Especially for sensitive souls. What has shifted for me personally after dealing a lot with birth and death lately: I don’t see dead people anymore. I only see souls. In different forms, in other spheres. There is no such thing as death - it’s just a moment. A momentum. Death is a moment. Not a space. A state, but can be influenced by time - it’s another energy form, too. I can’t really explain it in words, but I’ll try to. So here is the thing: It’s all energy. And energy is moving. Always changing. Constantly. Energy can manifest in different forms. We have this thing here, our planet, this earth, where we came into these bodies. With a mind, with our thoughts, a character, an ego, a name and all that. As humans or animals or whatever. With all our love and wisdom and all that concentrated in our big big souls - and yeah, it’s hard to fit into these small limited bodies sometimes. It’s not what we are used to - in Parallele universes and especially where we come from: from light, source, unconditional love - it’s much brighter and lighter and many lightful souls decide to return back there now. That’s what came through. I can’t understand it with my ego / mind neither - and I feel I am still fighting against it kind of - don’t want to - and I don’t try to understand it - as it’s another level. But it came through that I had to share this download for all of those who lost a beloved one lately. It’s not “unfair” - that such a pure lightful soul left - even though your ego feels like - as they chose freely and are so so so happy and free now. So don’t be egoistic and think of them - their freedom. A bright soul, a baby angel shared this with me after having left to heaven: “I am with you forever. i want you to know : please don’t see this as a loss - I am not gone, I am free now. I am not dead, there is no death how you think of. We are not separated. We are connected and one forever. I “died” in this world, in this body, to be reborn and free in another world. It’s a cycle, forever moving and changing. A journey. It’s not over for me - I am not gone. And for this time and transformation we are in worldwide my place to be is somewhere else now - but we stay connected forever and your place is there and i am so proud and grateful for your love and work. You are such a strong powerful soul - focus on that. That’s why you are needed there. You will understand one day: everything makes sense. There is no injustice - everything is perfectly divine - even though it hurts and it’s painful right now. Trust me. I am here with you forever. And so are you. We. All. One. ❤️

To us - being here: THANK YOU. I feel you. I feel your pain. I feel your confusion. It’s all good. I love you. I am here with you. We are in this together - and we can be so so so proud of us and our work - “the other side” is applauding and thanking us. And everything will be so so worth it and everything will make sense. THANK YOU. So looking forward to the New World loading ❤️✨💗🌿💚

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